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Orientation for individual and collective creative processes
- Online and/or presencial -

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🌀 Subject-matter

What is it that we seek as artists? Furthermore, as doers of the scenic arts? What is it that we wish to leave as a map for those who come after us, our contribution to this universal conversation that has been taking place for centuries? What is the phrase, the image, the word or sensation that I, through my tools as an artist, aim to deliver to the world?

🌀The Creative Process... 👩🏻‍🎤

... is individual and non-transferable. Each person has their own way of seeing the world and, therefore, manifesting and materializing ideas from this process. 

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🌀In the Orientation sessions,

I will help you to identify your ideas, make way for them and discover the fertile soil to germinate them. 🌳💭


It is as if you were inviting me to spend some time in your territory, your unique mind field, and my job consists in paying maximum attention to all the signs and offer alternative paths. 

We will also work in declogging writer's block, strengthen creative confidence and understand your voice as an artist

"It is very easy to dream of doing something profound. It is much more difficult to actually do something profound.

An old Russian proverb says, If you go to your porch, look up at the sky, and jump to the stars, you will just land in the mud.

Often the stairs are forgotten. The stairs must be constructed."

From At Work with Grotowski on Physical Actions, by Thomas Richards


🌀 How does it work? 

Through writing dynamics, readings, theatre games, visualization exercises, body movement, drawing, photography, research in books and other types of artistic materials, and lots - and lots - of talk.

This is a very intuitive process.

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🌀 The goal is that, over time, you have enough material to work on and ownership of the content you created, feeling confident to polish and build your artistic piece: whether it is completely authorial, or by other authors - or even a hybrid piece.
In the case of scene studies, the process is very similar because, regardless of the text, it is always necessary to enter the universe of the studied content, take ownership of it, and make it, in your own way, unique.

"A single creative act has the potential to feed a continent. One creative act can cause a torrent to break through stone."

From Women Who Run with the Wolver, by Clarisa Pinkola Estés



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🌀 Who am I


Ana Luiza Ulsig

- Master in Actor & Performer Training from Rose Bruford College, England

- Research project on "How to transform autobiographical content into art" (Distinction degree)

- Continuous research on the work of the actor-creator

- Bachelor in Acting, Performing Arts, Unirio, Brazil

- 11 original shows (2 awarded)

For more information and a quotation, please write to or click on the button below

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