Invitation to Time Loop - a conversation with many generations


I am inviting you to participate in a special English version of “TIME LOOP”.

Please come.

This is part of Talking Landscapes with some 90 curated and staged conversations all over the country “in the Danish landscape” where we are connecting and responding to the human  - nature relationship in this critical time.


(This is not your usual political debate or workshop. This is playful and meaningful)  


We are presenting  9 conversations in Aarhus this weekend and I am guiding ”Time Loop”.

Each conversation takes place at a chosen site and the place is the starting point.


Time Loop uses the traditions of the aboriginal people of Canada where time is speaking. We reach back to 100 generations and we reach forward to one hundred generations and those between. Then we decide.


We will be drawing time lines on the ground, moving through time and space and inviting voices from the past and the future to reflect on key issues in our lives- here and now.


Each Time Loop will have a different theme as the sites are so different.

Institute X as an alternative vision in a do-it-yourself landscape.  

Aarhus Harbour as a place of current conflicts  between climate and capital.  

Moesgård Museum  as a curated garden but also a concentrate of timeless woodlands and archives of time loops and human narratives from all over the world.

When will the English version be?

Friday 17 June: 15.00-18.00 Institut for X (free of charge)

Event: 3 hours including a walk, a guided conversation followed by soup, bread, greens, coffee and tea

Are you interested?

Reservations:  please sms/email me if you are interested. I do need to know immediately so we can decide on the English version.


Then I will get back to you with details.