2003 - present

Aarhus, Denmark
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
London, UK

"Ana Luiza Ulsig proved herself to be a terrific character actor with perfect comic timing and a scene-stealer throughout."

Dress Circle

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"Ulsig is a stunning actress and proves herself a compelling and flexible thespian

Broadway World

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Improv is about working together as a team to create something out of nothing. Improv is for everyone, as it is about having fun and improvising as a person!
The classes consist in different exercises of warming up, storytelling, listening, building narrative and other FUNdamentals.

Benefits: creativity, attention, collaboration, teamwork, thinking "out of the box", problem solving, dealing with surprise elements.

With Ana Luiza Ulsig (or Analu), in English

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Aalborg - 24. - 28. Aug. 2022. 

Skagen - 02. - 04. Sept. 2022

Invitation to Time Loop - a conversation with many generations

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During the days of 29 and 30 of April 2022, three storytellers with Southern American roots - ellas! - were on board the BÅDTEATRET in Copenhagen, with their tales collected from their journeys within and around the world. 

A partnership with Lusus Theatre and Isla Collective

March 19th/22, Aarhus Denmark

In the midst of depression, appears Baubo, the Greek Goddess of sacred sexuality and the full belly laugh.

She will shake up our very worlds, whilst wiggling her hips and dangling her breasts in front of our faces.


The event was sold out and exceeded our expectations! Stay tuned for the upcoming performances. Follow @lusus_theatre

Reviews of the one-woman-show The Journey of a Warlike Mind

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"The Journey of a Warlike Mind (...) sees Ana Luiza Ulsig push the boundaries of artistic expression to deliver a vibrant, comedically-rich and affecting feminist exposé" (...)                

"Masterfully combining storytelling and dramatisation with movement, poeticism, dance, caricature and music"

Ask the Ushers, February 2020 - VAULT Festival

"The show is impressive in its realisation and it's a joy to see Ulsig's transformation from one role to the next. (...) Ulsig is a stuning actress and proves herself a compelling and flexible thespian."

Broadway World, February 2020 - VAULT Festival 

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One-woman-show written and performed by Ana Luiza Ulsig, the play is a deep dive into a woman's mind on the verge of a break-down.

Winner of SPIRIT OF THE BEDFRINGE AWARD 2019, Bedford Festival Fringe.

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By Jane Shepard

Directed by Coral Tarran

Drayton Arms, July 2019, London

"(...) fast-paced and challenging dialogue, which is handled deftly by performers Ana Luiza Ulsig and Amy Whitrod Brown."

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With Unchained Theatre Company

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By Raymond Woolford

Directed by Karen Douglas


Political period piece based on real events, revealing civil and human rights activist Kath Duncan.

"Ana Luiza Ulsig proved herself to be a terrific character actor with perfect comic timing and a scene-stealer throughout."

Dress Circle

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Ana has an MA and a BA in Acting. She is a Danish Brazilian performer based in London, UK.

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Ana has a vast experience in theatre, as well as TV, commercials and films


Ana has been nominated for Best Script Award, co-written and co-produced several plays