The Journey of a Warlike Mind


Rose rises from underneath her tomb. From the dead, from the past. She alerts for an imminent war, for the extreme necessity of transformation of a woman’s soul, a woman who has stopped feeling. She has the key to the mind of Eva and takes the audience into a fantastic adventure through imagination, memories, dreams, and the darkest spots of one's soul. The hardest journey of them all: from the mind to the bottom of the heart.


Based on true stories of childhood, trauma, love, loss and violence, “The Journey of a Warlike Mind” deals with the tension that lives in the relationship between all the voices that live inside our minds, and establishes a modern discussion on gender and mental health in a deep and intimate level. Eva has been silent for too long and needs to seek her essential voice.

Drawing from the roots of theatre and using the simplest and most accessible ingredient for healing – stories, “The Journey of a Warlike Mind” explores the ugliness of traumas in contraposition to the beauty of transformation. The play is inspired by the book “Woman who run with the Wolves”, by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, and by Mary Wollstonecraft (1759 – 1797), a British writer and philosopher, considered the mother of modern feminism.


After all, what is a neurotic woman if not a grand excuse for centuries of suppression and abuse?

Creative team:

Written and performed by Ana Luiza Ulsig 
Collaborators: Mariana Santos Silva, Olavo Cavalheiro, Joseph Dunne-Howrie
Artistic and Graphic Design by Sofie Ulsig & Radoslav Nedyalkov
African Dance Direction: Joana Marinho @eroproducao
Costume Design Direction: Camila Crus @flor_delaranjeiras
Photos by Aidan Huxford and Gabriel Gawin

Special thanks to Rose Bruford College of Theatre and Performance


© 2019 by Ana Luiza Ulsig. All rights reserved.