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Why Improv?
Improvised Theatre - or Improv - is for everyone! It's about playing, and improvising as a person—regardless of your profession or background. We create a safe space where participants collaboratively craft stories out of thin air using techniques and games developed globally since the 1930s. Benefits of Improv include stimulating creativity, enhancing imagination, improving listening skills, being present in the moment, dealing with surprises, public speaking, thinking on your feet, and fostering teamwork.

Choose the course that fits your goal and let's start improvising!

Improv for Beginners

Ever wanted to try Improvised Theatre (IMPROV) but have zero to little experience? This course is designed just for you! Join us for a series of fun and welcoming evenings, where you'll learn the basics of Improv and dive into a world of spontaneous creativity.

Where? FO Aarhus

When? Jan 10 - Feb 28

To register, click here

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Improv Intermediate

For those of you who have a little or a lot of experience with Improv, come to this diverse, engaging and creative training with Lusus Theatre at one of the most inspiring performance spaces in Aarhus.

We will be working on deepening the knowledge and training of the basic elements of Improv, while exploring plot, character and styles.

Where? türkis, Vester Allé, 15, Aarhus

When? From February 5th* (With public sharings from March at the same venue)

To register: Info below

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Join Improv Intermediate

The Improv Intermediate works a bit different than the other workshops. Instead of buying a course, you register for a monthly membership of 350 kr (paid every 04 encounters). You have no obligation to renew the membership, but of course we want you to stay, so we can build a harmonic and strong Improv team! :-)

Info for payment:

Lusus Theatre

RegNr. 7045
Kontornr. 0001188786
Please add your Name + IMPROV member

Send an email to with your name, phone number and the receipt

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Improv for Teambuilding

There is nothing that brings different people together more than IMPROV.

Using Improv to unite your team

We work on:

  • collaboration,

  • unpredictability,

  • fast-thinking,

  • self-confidence,

  • allowing oneself to make mistakes,

  • being present,

  • and more.

When building a scene together, the improvisers have to create something out of nothing, where the order of the day is "YES! And."

The players are encouraged to not only offer what their imagination brings, but also to accept the ideas offered by their teammates - that is how you do improv!

For more information and a quotation, please send an email with the number of participants and desired duration to or

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