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Creative process orientation 
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Workshops and individual sessions for professionals and amateurs

Do you have an idea for a play and don't know where to start? Or want to make an art video and don't know where to start? Do you have an artistic/scenic idea and wish to develop it? Maybe you have no idea, but an immense desire to create... or possibly there is just that scene you'd love to study and have in your portfolio?

Talk to me and I'll guide you ;)

"Art is not meant to be created in stolen moments only." Clarissa Pinkola Estés


UK, 2020-19

“The Journey of a Warlike Mind”


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Written and performed by Ana Luiza Ulsig

From the dead, we see the rising of our narrator Rose. She has the key to the mind of Eva, and takes the audience into a fantastic adventure through imagination, fantasy, mystery, laughter, and tears. The hardest journey of all: from the mind to the bottom of the heart.

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BR, ongoing 

"The Shakespeare Challenge"


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Created and performed by Ana Luiza Ulsig

Follow Ariel, the traveller reveller storyteller, in her journey through Shakespeare's 38 theatrical plays, on Youtube and Instagram @anaulsig (project in Brazilian Portuguese) 

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UK, 2018

“F♀UR – Four Women, Four Stories”

Created and produced by Ana Luiza Ulsig, Leyre Aranda, Ellen Patterson & Krista Grevas

Four female artists from four different countries share their experiences on female existence and finding their place within society. The piece took place in 2018 at New Unity in Newington Green (London), a community space associated with the work of Mary Wollstonecraft.

Esqueceram de Mim

Brazil, 2016

“Esqueceram de mim? – Uma Aventura de Natal”

(Home alone? A Christmas adventure)

Written by Ana Luiza Ulsig

Santa Claus accidentally falls in a slum (favela) in Rio de Janeiro and realizes that many children are being forgotten from his list. The play starred in 2016 at Cesgranrio Cultural, an institution aimed at education and social change.

Rock'n Lixo 3.jpg

Brazil, 2007-2008/


“Rock’n Lixo – Uma História para Reciclar o Brasil”

(Rock in the trash – a story to recycle Brazil)

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A musical by Ana Luiza Ulsig, Adriana Maia & Leonardo Lois

Using recycled puppets and rock music, the play raises environmental awareness and revolves around the infinite possibilities and characters that appear in the middle of a huge dumping ground. In 2015, it received funding from the Rio municipality to tour around poor areas of the city, including a sign language interpreter and free transportation for public schools. 

Muita Mulher Candido

Brazil, 2010-2014

“Muita Muher pra Pouco Musical”*

(Too many women for too little musical)


Created by As Sadomusicistas Theatre Company. Written by Ana Luiza Ulsig & Claudia Ricart

Five women who compose the ensemble of a musical lock up the main actor and do a show of their own. The play ran from 2010 to 2014, in various theatres and festivals in Brazil.

*Nominated for Best Script Award at the 8th National Festival of Duque de Caxias, BR. Winner of Best Play award*

novelas 2

Brazil, 2014-2015

“Novelas, o Musical”

(Soap operas, the musical)


Created by As Sadomusicistas Theatre Company. Written by Ana Luiza Ulsig , Andre Dias & the company

As soap operas are a Brazilian treasure, the play reverts all the clichés and platitudes of this genre with wit and clever satirical humor. It starred in 2014 at Centro Cultural da Justica Federal, in Rio de Janeiro, where it was considered the Best Adult Project of the year in the theatre’s agenda. 

arraia 2

Brazil, 2013

“Irmãos Brothers no Sertão”

(Brothers in the outback)


Written by Ana Luiza Ulsig & Fabio Florentino

The play explores the traditions of the Brazilian folklore around Saint John’s day, with circus, music, and theatre. Outdoors. 

ovo de girassol

Written in 2017

“O Ovo de Girassol”

(The Sunflower Egg – an Easter tale)


Written by Ana Luiza Ulsig

Nadia discovers that her mother is sick with “lack of faith” disease and undertakes a dangerous and transformative journey to find the cure. The play was written in 2017 aimed mainly at children and hasn’t been staged yet.