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The Journey of a Warlike Mind


Workshops and individual sessions for professionals and amateurs

*All courses can be taught in English, Danish or Portuguese


Acting for Fun II - Theatre Production
Jan 11 - March 21, 2024, FO-byen, Aarhus

RAW 2_edited.jpg

Photo from the performance "RAW", with the students of Acting for Fun II, March 2023

Acting for Fun II is aimed at people who already have a basic contact with theatre and would like to experiment the process of setting up and presenting a theatre play. In this workshop, the student will get acquainted with dramaturgy study, character composition, interpretation of texts, construction of scenes, rehearsals, costumes, scenario, make-up, soundtrack, and lighting, ending the workshop with the presentation of a show. We will dive into the universe of renowned authors, exploring the humanistic, emotional, and poetic layers contained in the texts, which make them timeless and universal. 

"Theatre is the biggest lie told with the biggest truth" - Amir Haddad

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Beginners, FO-byen, Aarhus
Jan 10 - Feb 28 -
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Intermediate, türkis, Aarhus
From February 5th -
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Facilitation of creative courses & workshops

After the conclusion of my Master's Degree in Actor & Performer Training at Rose Bruford College, in England, something very insteresting was born in me: the wish to teach.

I then discovered that one of the purposes of Rose Bruford, founder of the school, was to train and develop actors who were also teachers. Well, it worked!

Since 2018, I have been sharing my experience and knowledge of the arts through facilitating, besides performing. It has been a whole new creative process, that I want to share with you.

Take a look at the courses and workshops I offer, and get in touch with me to hear more, ask for something tailored, or just share your ideas on the matter. Let's create!

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