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Cabaret Baubo
a co-creative performative show

We aim to have a fun and provocative show, a space for new and established artists and performers. If you wish to experiment / try new ideas / promote your work / or just really need to get your ass up on a stage; you’re in the right place. We are always looking for acts/performances of any kind of up to 10 minutes, that you feel can fit in a cabaret.

Maybe you have an idea and we can help you develop it.

Maybe you have no ideas and we can help you find them.

If you would like to be a part of this show in other ways - with costume design, lighting, decorating the space, saying hello to the audience in your own peculiar way - or whatever else comes to your mind - contact us!

(Oh, and you must be 18+)
Don’t be shy. Come out of this box and into our cabaret!

Who are we: We are a collective of international and Danish artists doing art in Aarhus. Learn more about us at

Photos and videos


We are the fools who follow Baubo

On a dark and cold depressing night, we found Baubo, the goddess of the Belly Laughter, according to Greek mythology. Now we are the fools who follow Baubo, and we want to spread her word.

On March 2022, we had our first performance of "Cabaret Baubo", where we put together a diverse group of new and established performers in Aarhus city. The result was a successful 1 hour show, which was sold out 2 weeks before its premiére. Stories of overcoming hard times and discovering one's self through this work were coming to us discretly day by day.

We had no choice but to try it out again - Was it pure luck?

This time we put together a Christmas edition of the show, gathering some of the same participants and new ones - some even coming from other countries. On December 2022 we premiéred "Cabaret Baubo - Belly Laughs and Dangling Bells" at Teatret Svalegangen, with a full house performance followed by two more shows at Institut for X.

The transformation tales continue to crawl up on our ears, and through the scene... Is it just luck? There is only one way to find out.


Yogiclown, performed by Marika Rocca


Final scene, Cabaret Baubo - Belly Laughs and Dangling Bells, December 2022, Institut for X, Aarhus DK


This event is important because it strengthens the artistic community. Groups and solo performers have the space for experimentation and sharing of their work. The acts have up to 10 minutes of duration, put together in a co-creation guided by Lusus Theatre and partners.

Due to this combined format, the event has an easy and simple production, adaptable to any kind of space, in a real DIY (do it yourself) style. The event is be the artists’, the audience’s; everyone’s, made for everyone, in sharing and experimenting.

For more information, contact us


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